2012 winner: Andrew Douglas (Flute)

In 2012, Andrew Douglas became the first local winner. At the time, he was a pupil at Grosvenor Grammar School, and had been playing the flute from a very tender age, tutored by leading flautist Richard Douglas (yes, there is a family connection!). Andrew is a member of the prize winning Ballygowan Concert Flute Band, and has been their piccolo player for quite some years.
He is currently studying music at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, and news to his move went ahead of him, because he was invited to become the musical director of Glasgow Amateur Flute Ensemble; he returned the compliment in prompt fashion by guiding them to first place in the Scottish Amateur Flute Association Championship in November 2014 - their first in the competition for several decades. He has since guided them to first place in the 2016 contest.

Andrew is currently in the fourth year of his degree, studying under the Principal Flautist of the Scottish Opera - Richard Blake. He is currently the Principal Flute of the Ulster Youth Orchestra, and appears regularly as an extra with the Ulster Orchestra.

In an earlier life, Andrew won the under-13, under-16 and open solo in the same year at the Flute Band Association’s Annual Solos & Small Ensemble Contest. This feat has only ever been achieved twice - the other 12-year-old being a certain James Galway.